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February 20, 2017
China’s Football Buying Spree from Europe to the UAE

Last month, I wrote a piece in the Washington Post on what China’s soccer/football buying spree means to the world.

Here’s the two lead paragraphs of the piece:

When A.C. Milan took to the field against Inter Milan last November, the clash represented one of the great rivalries in all of European soccer, a battle between two of of Italy’s most storied soccer franchises, both with histories dating back more than a century.

The match also represented something else: a case study in the globalization of European soccer, with a decidedly Chinese flavor. Both teams were acquired in 2016 by Chinese investors for a total exceeding $1 billion, a capstone to a flurry of Chinese purchases of European soccer clubs over the past two years.

For the entire Post article, see the link here: Xi Jinping and the Chinese Soccer Dream

Then, I saw this piece from the National in the UAE about China’s Super League attracting top UAE stars as well.

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