From Rabat to Riyadh, and from Alexandria to Abu Dhabi, China has emerged as a major geo-economic player in the Middle East and North Africa region, and the money trail gives us clues to Beijing’s broader thinking on the region.

I was delighted to work with the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, who published this paper I wrote. You can find a link to the paper on Hoover’s site here, or you can go directly to the PDF of the paper here.

In the paper, through charts and text, I highlight the following

  • The 1993 Inflection Point

  • The $20 Billion-Plus Club

  • Where is China Investing and Winning Contracts?

  • The Crude Truth: Regional Export Dependence on China

  • A Comparison of MENA Exports to China vs Exports to the US

  • The Free-Rider Issue

  • Saudi-China Ties

  • GCC Diplomatic Contacts with China

  • China’s Top Ten Oil Suppliers in 2020

  • President Xi and the 1+2+3 Strategy

  • The UAE Trade Hub

  • Qatari Gas

  • Egypt and Oman Debts Rising

  • China’s Iran Strategy

  • The Future of China in MENA

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