The Newspaper Room

If you’re an avid newspaper reader like me, you might remember fondly the newspaper room of your college library, or perhaps the reading room of a local cultural center (think British Council libraries in Cairo or Calcutta, circa 1990s), the oak-walled panels of your exclusive club (if that is your taste), or even the newspaper and magazine stores (sadly dying) that sold all the international papers. Or if you are a digital native and love surfing the web for primary, regional or off-the-beaten path news sources, this is your home. This is your private caravanserai “newspaper room” of the New Silk Road. These are predominantly English-language newspapers. Here, you won’t find the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal (as fine as those publications are), but rather you’ll flip through the South China Morning Post, the Times of India, or The National in the UAE or Business Day of Nigeria, or you may favor scanning the shipping and aviation industry publications on offer. Grab a cup off coffee, chai or beverage of your choice and browse away. Note: The sites below generally link directly to the business/economics section of each newspaper. (If we are missing an important publication, please reach out at [email protected])