Articles in major media and academic publications written by New Silk Road Monitor Editor Afshin Molavi.

How Johnnie Walker Conquered the World

Mexico is rising. You can see it in the country’s swelling exports, the net-zero migration to the United States, the excitement of international bond investors, a recent credit upgrade from Standard & Poor’s, a newly confident middle class, and a per capita GDP that...

The Arab Battle for U.S Skies

America’s biggest airlines say the luxury carriers of the oil-rich Persian Gulf aren't playing fair. But are Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways subsidized -- or just smarter?

The Rise of the Chinese Tourist

Tis the season to go to Ibiza. Or Bali. Or Miami, or maybe just pack the car, round up the kids, and go to a nearby beach. August is, after all, vacation month in much of the Western world and is also vital to the bottom line of the global travel industry, one of the...

The UK, Brexit, and a False Promised Land

“If you are going to do something meaningful,” the late Israeli statesman Shimon Peres told a colleague making a big life decision, “you must know two things: First, nothing meaningful comes easy and you must be prepared for a tough battle. Secondly, since you are...


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